bbrightening corrective concentrate

A concentrated brightening serum that helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and discolorations.

Brightening Corrective Concentrate is perfect for skin experiencing any of the following:


•  Dark spots and discolorations, including age spots and acne scars

•  Uneven skin tone and texture

•  Dull, sallow skin and loss of radiance

This high potency serum helps prevent and correct photo age damage with a powerful blend of organic Alpine actives. After just 8 weeks, see significant improvement in even skin tone and youthful clarity.


NATRUE_logo_00 Certified natural personal care

Step 1: Twice daily, after cleansing and toning, warm a pearl-sized amount of Brightening Corrective Concentrate in your hands to activate the concentrated plant ingredients.


Step 2: Tent hands gently over the nose and inhale to experience the aromatherapeutic essential oil blend. Then gently press Brightening Corrective Concentrate into the skin, moving from the nose outwards to the ears, and from the center of the forehead to the temples.


Step 3: Continue to press from the temples downwards to the jawline. Then use right hand to press serum into the left side of the neck and collarbone, and vice versa for the right side. Follow with your Amala moisturizer and eye treatment.

Clinical Anti-Aging Studies
A selection of 4 week results

Percentage of participants showing significant improvement in:

firmness 100%
elasticity 90%
skin smoothness 90%

A selection of 8–12 week results

Percentage of participants showing significant improvement in:

skin brightness after 8 weeks 71%
skin brightness after 12 weeks 86%

Clinical results based on in vivo testing over 28 days. Derma Consult GmbH, Bonn, Germany.

Key Actives

  • Organic Narcissus

    Narcissus Flower Extract is rich in high potency antioxidants. It helps defend skin from the environment assaults that can lead to discolorations. Our Narcissus Bulb Extract is captured from the dormant Narcissus Bulb, which helps slow down skin’s synthesis of melanin, the pigment that causes dark spots.
  • Algae Extract

    Our Algae Extract from Norwegian Kelp is harvested on France’s Atlantic coast. This extraordinary seaweed helps inhibit melanin production to help brighten the appearance of dark spots. It also helps activate skin’s natural exfoliation enzyme to help eliminate discolorations from skin’s surface for more luminous, uniform clarity.
  • Seven Alpine Herbs

    This synergistic complex of brightening Mallow, Peppermint, Cowslip, Lady’s Mantle, Veronica, Yarrow and Melissa helps diminish the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. The potent cocktail of traditional medicinal herbs is proven to help reverse excess melanin production at its source, helping to reduce the intensity of skin discolorations.
3-step radiance ritual

Amala’s revolutionary 3-step radiance ritual is proven to help brigthen the appearance of dark spots, discolorations and uneven skin tone. Our three steps are: Booster, such as a serum; Moisturizer, such as face cream; and Eye Treatment.


brightening corrective concentrate


brightening treatment cream

Eye Treatment

rejuvenating eye cream