Our Standards

At Amala, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We cut no corners when it comes to the purity and potency of our ingredients, the proven effectiveness of our products and the environmental and social sustainability of our practices.

Each of our standards reflects our mission: to elevate natural beauty with powerfully pure, proven effective skincare developed in harmony with nature and our fellow human beings.

Clinical Results

Until recently, authentic natural skincare—though widely recognized for its purity—lacked a reputation for effectiveness. At Amala, we are firmly committed to delivering proven beautifying results with products free of any chemicals or synthetic ingredients. While this is no small task, the challenge is rewarding and we are enthusiastic about the results we have achieved. Thanks to our exclusive, synergistic blends of the world’s most potent plant actives, we harness the power of nature to transform the skin for exquisite, proven results. Our formulas undergo rigorous clinical efficacy testing at one of Germany’s top external laboratories under the direction of esteemed dermatologists. These experts have confirmed that the results we achieve with Amala products rival or surpass those from conventional skincare brands. Of this we are immensely proud and it is our honor to share these extraordinary products and results with you.

NATRUE Certification

Your trust is vital to us, and this drives our commitment to transparency as a company. We certify every Amala product with NATRUE, the global standard-bearer for natural and organic cosmetic certification. Amala is the only luxury beauty brand to date to reach this very difficult and prestigious achievement.


Founded in Brussels, NATRUE aims to safeguard the highest possible standards for authentic natural cosmetics and their ingredients. NATRUE has the strictest guidelines for its certification process, and is the only organization that provides transparency by allowing consumers to easily access their standard and a list of all NATRUE certified products online. NATRUE’s commitments are perfectly aligned with ours, and their certification was the natural choice for us.


The Amala

Each Amala product is NATRUE-certified for its natural and organic content. While we believe NATRUE is a solid certification, we hold ourselves to an even higher standard.

100% Natural Origin

Our formulas are 100% natural origin and completely free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. We do not formulate with:


  • Preservatives, such as parabens
  • Petroleum or petrochemicals, such as mineral oil and paraffin
  • Sulfates and other synthetic surfactants
  • Ethoxylated compounds, such as PEGs, Polysorbate 60 and 80
  • Nitrosamines, such as TEA, DEA and MEA
  • Glycols, such as Propylene Glycol
  • Silicones
  • Synthetic sunscreens, such as PABA and Oxybenzone
  • Synthetic fragrances, such as Phthalates
  • Synthetic colors and dyes
  • Genetically modified ingredients
    • Gluten-Free

      All Amala products are gluten-free.

    • Whole Plant Ingredients

      We use only whole plant ingredients, which have not been fractionated from their compositions in nature

    • Animal Testing

      We do not test our ingredients or formulas on animals.

    • Emulsifiers

      We use only food-grade emulsifiers, and are the first luxury skincare line to be formulated with organic milk emulsifiers.

    • Preservatives

      Amala formulas do not contain preservatives. Our products contain a proprietary blend of organic plants and compounds that have natural preservative abilities. The shelf life of our formulas is twenty-six months.

    • Custom Distillation and Extraction

      Our plant actives are custom distilled and extracted according to their specific composition and characteristics, in an effort to maximize their potency beautifying properties.

    • Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients

      We use the highest possible concentration of certified organic and wild crafted ingredients in every treatment, and use cold-pressed, certified organic plant oils as the base.

    • Fair Trade and Ethical Sourcing

      We pay a fair price for superior plant ingredients and source them exclusively from our farm partners and trusted ingredient suppliers, with whom we have long-term relationships.

    • Fragrance

      Only 100% natural essential oils are used to fragrance our formulas.

    • Cultivation

      Amala’s plant actives are grown in their ideal habitats, which allows them to thrive and their essences to reach peak potency.

    • Processing

      We do not process our plant ingredients, which means no bleach, deodorizing, refining, or gamma radiation. Each plant maintains its original attributes for optimal skin results.