Passionately dedicated and refreshingly down-to-earth, our founder, Ute Leube, is a visionary whose philosophy is centered on connecting people with what she considers most beautiful: nature.

No one is more surprised than Ute that her love of nature blossomed into a thriving business. Inspired by books on healing plants, Ute began blending her own skincare in the early 1970s. Though quality raw materials were hard to obtain at the time, her early efforts ensured that what she put on her body was not only nurturing, but also chemical-free.


Ute credits the discovery of essential oils and their potent therapeutic properties as the pivotal point in her career. Her focus shifted to “unlocking nature’s treasure chest” as she pioneered highly effective, plant-powered skincare.


Ute’s certainty in the beautifying power of nature tipped off a global search for the world’s most effective therapeutic plants. She sought botanical actives cultivated in their ideal growing regions where they naturally thrive—one of her many secrets to sourcing skincare ingredients with the highest potency. In the 1980s, she began building partnerships with local organic growers around the world to secure access to the most powerful plant actives available. Today, Amala is based on many botanicals still sourced from these farmers, who nurture each ingredient with painstaking care from seed selection to harvest.

  • Jasmine flowers in Egypt

Beauty is life itself. It’s a smile, a plant, a kind word.
Beauty is anything that touches us positively
it goes far beyond any generally accepted beauty

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