At Amala, we believe everyone is beautiful. Our mission is to elevate natural beauty with powerfully pure, proven effective skincare developed in harmony with nature and our fellow human beings.

Our intention is to be the change we wish to see in the cosmetics industry and the world at large; we believe true beauty and authentic wellbeing are inextricably linked to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Our long term commitments as a company reflect this belief.

Environmental Sustainability

We source Amala’s superior high potency plant ingredients from our extensive global network of organic farms. Organic actives are important to us for three reasons—potency, purity and sustainability. Therefore, we use the highest possible concentration of certified organic and wild crafted plant ingredients in every Amala product. Our network of sustainable growers allows us to trace the origin of our ingredients, ensuring we have an intimate understanding of the quality and efficacy of each plant. Organic farming is more than a method, and more than the exclusion of harmful pesticides. Its intention is to maintain nature's inherent ecological balance. Our farmers preserve the integrity of the soil, promote biodiversity, sustain healthy ecosystems and harvest by hand - all of which protect the land and water of their communities, their regions and by extension, the world.

Social Responsibility

Fair trade practices promote equitable wages, sustainable agriculture and improved social standards. We are committed to fair trade with our global network of organic farmers. Receiving a higher fixed price from Amala for their superior plants allows our farmers to grow their businesses, enhance their communities and pay their employees better wages. Our fair trade partnerships support traditional organic farming and provide us with the sustainably grown, indigenous plant actives that power our products. The unique skills and generational wisdom of our farm partners are an integral part of what we do; our commitment to fair trade ensures our partnerships are mutually beneficial.