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I experienced a slight skin reaction from Amala treatments.

The living plant energy in our treatments has been formulated to work in harmony with the skin. Some customers may notice slight, short term skin reactions as they begin integrating Amala treatments into their skincare rituals. This is a normal result of the detoxification process that occurs with a shift to 100% natural, organic products. As the skin adjusts to the benefits of organic, whole plants, it may experience a mild, temporary reaction to the purity of Amala treatments. Customers experiencing longer-term skin reactions (more than four weeks) should discontinue use of Amala and consult their health care professional.

Why do Amala product fragrances vary in strength?

The fragrances in Amala skincare treatments are 100% natural blends of organic essential oils and pure whole plant extracts. Like fine vintage wines, each batch of our fragrance blends is as unique as the year’s plant harvests. Our product fragrances may gently evolve over time, and are often their most potent when first applied to the skin. We know it’s the habit of our customers to try skincare treatments on their hands and immediately smell what they’ve tried. It’s important to remind our customers that 100% natural fragrances behave completely differently from their synthetic counterparts. Our fragrances soften on skin a few moments after application. The more immediate strength of our fragrances when product is first applied is an important indication of both the freshness and potency of our whole plant ingredients.

Is all Amala packaging recycled and recyclable?

We strive to use environmentally responsible materials whenever we can. To the extent that it’s possible, our paper, packaging and shipping materials are eco-friendly and created from post-consumer and post-industrial materials. We support and collaborate with like-minded printers who use organic ink and paper suppliers who use wind power and 100% recycled paper. In some cases, we are not satisfied with the materials and methods available, and are actively pursuing alternatives that meet our standards.

Why doesn’t Amala use biodegradable plastic for its packaging?

We think biodegradable plastic has a lot of potential, and we continue to work with our Research and Development department to figure out how we can integrate it into our packaging. Thus far, our tests have concluded that biodegradable plastic actually starts to break down when in contact with our pure, 100% natural formulas. It’s not that our formulas are too aggressive – it’s that are formulas are so natural, the plastic "thinks" it’s already in contact with the earth and should begin its decomposition!

Why do Amala treatments contain alcohol?

Alcohol is a crucial element in our formulas because it helps keep our 100% natural essential oils and extracts stable. We use organic alcohol derived from wheat, which is absolutely pure and safe for your skin. We use the lowest possible levels of alcohol that we can, while still maintaining the stability of our formulas.

Does Amala test their products on animals?

Amala is strictly opposed to animal testing and we as a company do not test any of our formulas or ingredients on animals. We only work with ingredients which have not been tested on animals since 1979. Each Amala formula is NATRUE-certified and compliant with the European ban on the testing of cosmetics on animals. In lieu of animal testing, we test our formulas ourselves. We trust the experts in our in-house Research and Development group to prepare product samples that meet our strict standards for natural content, as well as skin safety and compatibility.

We are confident in the safety of our products and ingredients; therefore, we do not find animal testing necessary during development. Of course, if any of our products were applied to an animal in a normal manner, we are confident no harm would come to the animal. We strongly oppose cruel and/or over-application of any product to any animal. Again, however, we do not test any formulas or ingredients on animals.

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