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/To guide us through our uncompromising processes, we rely on nature's own wisdom and a few trusted partners who are as committed to quality as we are. Our recent collaboration with renowned master distiller Jack Chaitman allows us to benefit from his passionate revival of ancient Chinese water distillation techniques. This slow, complex process exceeds modern standards and provides us with exceptional raw materials for our treatments. We're excited about our collaboration with Jack, and look forward to partnering with him as he further explores and perfects his craft..

We custom extract our skin-nourishing, seed and nut oils using the cold pressing method—a gentle, low temperature process that yields lower quantities but higher results. Heat processing is faster and cheaper, but dramatically impacts the quality and skin efficacy of the plant oils. We also custom extract our plant ingredients using artisanal methods including maceration, or soaking plants in organic oil to extract their essences. Our painstaking attention to detail and dedication to the highest efficacy plant ingredients possible means working harder, taking longer and being patient. But it’s worth it.

To retain the healing properties of our organic whole plant ingredients, we rely on time-honored, custom distillation.
 Certified organic Egyptian Jasmine, featured in the Hydrate collection.

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